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Are Cat Collars Safe

Sep 01, 2018

When it comes to the decoration on the neck, many people are very concerned about the safety of the cat collar, whether or not the bell is hanging. It is undeniable that cats wear collars without certain risks.

cat collar.png

When the cat is playing and scratching, it may cause the collar to stretch the neck; or when the cat is not used to the collar, trying to use the claw to remove the "foreign object" on the neck, accidentally put the paw in the collar; or the collar is not tight and the neck appears. Hair removal, redness, etc...

cat collar.png

Most of these risks are caused by incorrect wearing methods or improper selection of collars. These three methods can help you avoid the risk of the collar:

1. The collar should be suitable.

2. Purchase a pet safety collar.

3. Regularly check the tightness of the collar.

In addition, the cat wears a collar with a very important advantage - increasing the chance of being recovered after a loss.

Accidents can happen every day, such as forgetting to close the doors and windows, or the cat is scared when the cat goes out, and even some cats will open the window by themselves... Many factors may cause the cat to lose.

If you wear a safety collar on your baby's neck, hang up a pet nameplate and write your name, address and contact number, in case the pet is lost, it will greatly increase the chance that the pet will be found.