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A Dog's Training To Bite

Dec 30, 2017

Sometimes dogs bite furniture trousers should face to stop said no, or spanking.

A dog likes to bite. It has its reasons. When puppies are surrounded by things, they are full of curiosity, playing things as playmates, falling down their body and forelegs forward, which is the invitation gesture. The puppies in 3~6 months after birth, deciduous teeth should change to when permanent teeth, especially love bite, gums itch that produces a physiological phenomenon of desire. The third point is a vigorous young dog with too much energy and no place to play, especially the puppies in the growth period. In addition to strong responsibility and warm bone, also should be reviewed:

(1) into the house after playing in the kennel and limit it to the stadium.

(2) choose a toy to play with it, such as the sale of a fake bone, a hard ball, or something that is no longer used (dolls, shoes, etc.).

(3) increase the walk time and the amount of exercise outside.

(4) during this period of bite, the movable objects are put up or collected. A no bite "puppy, not sick is the temperament is not good, as long as a stop action cylinder of biting, or can teach good. At the same time the energy shift to the training, two profitable, you can try.