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4D Food Is Killing The Dog Murderer, Natural Food Is Not All Credible?

Sep 08, 2018

Nowadays, frequent rumors of 4D food death have caused many dog lovers to panic, and then turned their attention to natural food. But what kind of natural grain quality is worth the percentage trust, and 4D grain feeding pets to death is alarmist?

How does 4D food kill your dog?

Recently, a report on "Improper ration selection, chronic murder and love pet" has put the "struggle" between 4D grain and natural grain on the table. According to the report, the study of the Whole Dog Journal, the most authoritative pet conservation magazine in the United States, found that dogs fed 4D and by-products made dog food were 20% faster than dogs fed purely natural dog food. The life expectancy is 27% short; at the same time, dogs have a higher probability of getting sick, mainly in immune system disorders, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, bladder cancer and various degenerative diseases.

Is there any alarmist alarm? In this regard, the author has a skeptical attitude to understand, and found that 4D food deaths are not a few incidents, and the 4D food in the event points to the leading brand in the global pet food industry, and is also the representative brand of 4D food. Even more frightening is one of the incidents in which two puppies died of disease after about 10 days of weaning to eat the 4D grain.

Afterwards, the dog owner asked the professional to dissect 2 dead puppies and found that the puppies were swollen and inelastic, hard and brittle, yellowish in color, with symptoms of jaundice, and kidney and gallbladder with varying degrees of disease. After careful investigation, the target was finally locked in the 4D food that was fed, and the third puppies recovered after treatment and stopped eating the 4D food due to the same condition.

Are all natural foods reliable? The preservative content limit for US pet food is 300 times that of human food!

In the face of theory and facts, 4D food is undoubtedly the basis for the survival of dogs, but as long as the dog food marked as natural grain will certainly make the dog live longer and longer? actually not. Most of the natural grain is not a natural extract because of the presence of two hidden killers, Menadione Vitamin K3, and Ethoxyquin Preservative.

Menadione Vitamin K3 is a cheap and harmful synthetic substance with high toxicity. Many European countries have banned Menadione for use in human food because its side effects can cause serious permanent damage or even death. And Ethoxyquin, a preservative, kills dogs invisibly.

In the case of domestic rat meat fake mutton and waste oil, many dog lovers also do not believe any domestic dog food, and turn to the United States to import dog food. Unfortunately, the US law requires the addition of Ethoxyquin preservatives before the delivery of fish and fishmeal in the general non-human consumption class. Therefore, it is possible to have Ethoxyquin before the dog food manufacturer receives the fish and fishmeal. More importantly, the US dog food cannot be selected. In the US FDA standard, the preservative content limit for pet food is 300 times that of human food, which is 300 times!

Under such a severe situation, people can't help but ask, in the end, where is the natural grain that is assured of dog food? Because many European countries ban Menadione from being used in human food, we may wish to turn our attention to Europe and raise the standard of natural food to the standard of human consumption. The problem is solved.

When purchasing dog food, look for the pet's best vitamin nutrition patent (ie OVN), 100% natural extraction, pass the highest quality standard test in Europe, and import the key words in the domestic formal way, which is also to keep the pet away from unhealthy and pleasing The best way to live longer.